Aspeon Tech Ltd is an enterprise solution provider committed to designing and developing systems around industry leading database technologies.

We specialise in providing consultancy services to organisations that have selected Oracle or Microsoft SQL server as their strategic database.






We have extensive experience developing applications based on Microsoft tools and technologies. Aspeon is equally at home developing enterprise applications using Microsoft tools with a SQL Server database as we are with Oracle technologies.

Integrating these two sets of development and database systems is one of our specialties.

SQL Server
As experienced SQL Server professionals Aspeon can help organisations that have selected SQL Server as their strategic database.

Visual Basic
Whether it is VBA or Visual Basic 4, 5 or 6 we are able to design and implement quality systems based upon extensive experience. 

For example we have worked on Hydraulic modeling, process engineering,  GIS, document management and workflow systems all based upon a Visual Basic architecture.

Although Aspeon is focused on enterprise application development, we are able to develop complex Access based applications. Often during the integration of enterprise systems Access databases have to be included in the scope of the project.



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