Aspeon Tech Ltd is an enterprise solution provider committed to designing and developing systems around industry leading database technologies.

We specialise in providing consultancy services to organisations that have selected Oracle or Microsoft SQL server as their strategic database.





A cheaper alternative to agency and contract staff

Aspeon-Tech can offer much more than an agency at a comparable cost by providing experienced people or teams of people matched to your specific requirements to work on site. This offers the following benefits:

  • Direct project cost savings
  • Significant reduction in time spent, recruiting ,interviewing and obtaining resources
  • Dealing with a company whose business is Oracle development
  • Immediate access to DBA'S, designers, developers, Oracle application specialists, back office staff and project managers

Providing personnel to work off site

Discreet packages of work and projects can be completed off site by Aspeon-Tech. This can be performed in the following ways:

  • The total outsourcing of the project to Aspeon-Tech for completion off site with no Aspeon-Tech personnel present on site
  • As above but with a small Aspeon-Tech presence on site to co-ordinate the project and ensure the clients team and Aspeon-Tech's team work effectively together

Providing offshore system development

Aspeon-Tech can implement offshore system development projects via its partnership with an international software services company at its offshore development centre.

Aspeon-Tech has access to over 200 hundred personnel with a proven track record and extensive experience in delivering offshore development solutions that can be backed up with testimonials and sample projects.

This approach can be extended to database administration and application support tasks.




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