Aspeon Tech Ltd is an enterprise solution provider committed to designing and developing systems around industry leading database technologies.

We specialise in providing consultancy services to organisations that have selected Oracle or Microsoft SQL server as their strategic database.





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Aspeon specialise in system integration with Gordion.  This tool was developed in-house by Aspeon and is used to automate the loading and exporting of data into and out of Oracle and SQL server databases.

Gordion significantly reduces the time to develop and deploy interfaces allowing organisations to:

  • Simplify and cut the costs of business interaction.
  • Store interface metadata within the database.
  • Produce interfaces without writing code.
  • Run interfaces as jobs within the database.
  • Easily integrate interfaces with existing code within your organisation.
  • Process incoming files from a variety of sources.
  • Direct files to specific destinations as and when required via ftp or email.



Dynamic web content can be generated using speedyForms, allowing the rapid development of maintenance forms, charts, reports and linked web pages. speedyForms can be integrated with existing web applications or used to develop simple web applications by itself. speedyForms is an effective way of generating the many maintenance forms, reports and charts contained within complex web applications. speedyForms significantly reduces the time to develop and deploy web applications and provides the following features and benefits:

  • Cuts the cost of developing many dynamic web components.
  • Controls user access to web applications.
  • Templates allow the look and feel of applications to be controlled.
  • Provides easy migration of applications from development to test and production environments.
  • Easily integrates with existing web applications.
  • Generates powerful dynamic charts with drill down.
  • Requires no knowledge of HTML for basic application generation.
  • Generates web components based upon database tables and SQL queries.

Try using speedyForms with a real demonstration!

Try developing speedyForms for real!


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