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We specialise in providing consultancy services to organisations that have selected Oracle or Microsoft SQL server as their strategic database.





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Does your organisation ?

  • Rely on one or two key individuals to support critical applications
  • Find it difficult to recruit and train Oracle DBA staff
  • Find it difficult to provide out of hours support
  • Have to employ expensive staff just for contingency
  • Have projects that are being jeopardized by the support demands of your existing applications
  • Employ a full time DBA when you do not require one

Aspeonís Vdba service provides a solution to the problems being faced by many organisations today. Outsourcing the support and administration of your Oracle databases has the following benefits

  • Cost effective support
  • No DBA salaries
  • No training costs
  • Cross training and handover to your own personnel
  • Peace of mind
  • Guaranteed cover with no losses of support due to illness or holidays, something one DBA cannot do.

This service is equally applicable to:

  • Start up organisations with little or no DBA expertise
  • Development departments
  • Mission critical production environments requiring 24 * 7 cover
  • Organisations with many Oracle databases
  • Organisations that do not require a full time DBA

Virtual DBA

Aspeon offer the following levels of remote database monitoring that can be mixed and matched to provide adequate cover for development, test and differing types of production systems.

  • Initial assessment

    This assessment is used to determine the databases current state, performance bottlenecks, the suitability of block size, database organisation in relation to the recommended oracle architecture, security issues, capacity planning requirements and the suitability of the current backup and recovery strategy. It can be used as a database health check.

    Following the assessment recommendations are made that would be necessary for Aspeon to support the database(s).  Any work associated with this can be charged at time and materials or fixed price. There is no charge for the initial assessment if it leads to the purchase of a database monitoring package.

  • Level 1 monitoring package

    Following an initial assessment Level 1 monitoring includes the installation of a monitoring application into each of the designated databases.

    The application performs daily, weekly and monthly monitoring tasks with Aspeon receiving daily monitoring information that is checked and reported on by 8:30 am five days a week. High priority database alerts can be directed to your own staff out of hours via email, SMS or pager.

    Daily, weekly and monthly reports are available via a browser within your organisation or available via Aspeonís web site behind a secure login accessible only to your designated staff.

    Five hours of DBA specific tasks Monday to Friday during office hours are included in this package with additional work being charged after agreement on a time and materials or a fixed price basis. All work carried out on your database(s) by Aspeon is available on line via our website.

  • Level 2 monitoring package

    In addition to the Level 1 package level 2 consists of a fixed price monitoring package that includes full time database support and administration within office hours Monday to Friday.

    Out of hours support will be charged on a time and materials basis. Again all work carried out on your database(s) by Aspeon is available on line via our website

  • Level 3 monitoring package

    This package provides database support and administration of your database(s) 24 x 7 x 365.  It can be provided in addition to the Level 2 service. Aspeon staff are paged immediately by agreed high priority database alerts and will endeavor to resolve database related issues or liaise with other relevant personnel.

    This service is aimed at mission critical database or 24 x 7 web applications.



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